Learn to DRAW.

This courses will help you start drawing and improve your drawing abilities.
Each lesson is structured around a specific learning objective (see full Course Programme below the poster). Classes are limited to 7 students.
Classes will take place at Bonnington Centre
11 Vauxhall Grove


Week 1: Drawing the figure for the first time. Basic structure.
Week 2: Figure 2. Movement, direction. Tonal considerations.
Week 3: The head. Basic structure.
Week 4: Head 2. Self portrait.
Week 5: Hands and feet.
Week 6: Tonal considerations. Practice.

£210 , Materials provided.



Week 1: Overview of Drawing Concepts. exploring the line.
Week 2: Drawing and the mind. Geometry and perspective.
Week 3: Understanding and exploring light, shadow and tone.
Week 4: Compositional considerations. Practice.
Week 5: Experimenting with memory and perceptions.

£175 , Materials provided.