The inside out II 42x30cm – pastel on paper.





The inside out I 42x30cm – pastel on paper.




What you give is what you get – 1.90×85 mt – Oil on board







Series of 10 posters made in one afternoon on site for a festival.



































Journey 01. And everything was there. Since forever.

61x64cm – oil on board.




Journey 0.  At the point of no return.

74x59cm – oil on board.





42x30cm – oil on paper.




25x19cm – ink on paper




25x19cm – woodcut print.




Trees have the power
30x27cm – ink on paper




30x27cm – woodcut print











Commission for a venue in Bermondsey, London.





Architecture I
64×45 cm – ink on paper.


Architecture I
64×45 cm – woodcut print.




30×21 cm – ink on paper




40×40 cm – graphite on paper




130×110 cm – acrylic, charcoal and carving on wood






“Monument” Wall for a show in Bermondsey.



Purbrook Street mural, 12×2 meters, Bermondsey.






Hostel at Vauxhall Bridge Road.





Pillars and planters at Abbey Street, Bermondsey, London.



Kiss. Found pieces of textile sewn by hand. Drawing.




Modern nest. Acrylic, ink on paper.


What she can see and i don´t. Found pieces of textile sewn by hand.





Dancers. Charcoal on sketchbook.
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